Himalayan Bath Salt Bulk & Wholesale

ppm industry is a premium Bath Salt Supplier from Pakistan. We offer superior-quality wholesale bath salt products including Himalayan soap, salt balls, deo sticks, and Himalayan salt chunks.

Why choose artificial bath salts? When you have Himalayan Bath Salt which is pure and has tons of health and skin benefits? You just need to have a pink Himalayan salt bath by adding some pink salt crystals to your bath water and let the magic begin. When dissolved in water, pink bath salt becomes a powerful detoxifier that helps to extract noxious toxins from your skin and tissues. A deodorant stick can be used for an instantly refreshing and purifying effect.
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We also offer bulk Himalayan salt chunks sourced from the Khewra Salt mines, one of the largest salt mines in the world. Our wholesale bath salt is 100% natural and free from all kinds of additives.

Turn to a healthy lifestyle by picking these natural, chemical-free Himalayan Bath Salt Products. We follow International Quality Standards for producing these natural salt bath products.

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