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PPM industry is one of the largest ore and minerals providing company. We deal in all minerals i.e. Chrome Ore, Bauxite Ore, Gypsum, Salt and many more. Pakistan is known for its best quality enriched minerals and we are trading it with trust of thousand of customers. We also provide Joint Venture opportunities to interested individuals and companies to facilitate the small and large buyers all over the world. We believe in total quality management i.e. Customer Satisfaction.

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Salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride, a chemical compound belonging to the larger class of salts; salt in the form of a natural crystalline mineral is known as rock salt or halite. Salt is present in vast quantities in seawater.
Table salt is the granulated white salt seen in most saltshakers. Table salt is typically mined from underground deposits. It's processed to remove other minerals. Table salt is commonly fortified with iodine, which is important for thyroid health.
Synthetic stimulants often referred to as “bath salts” are from the synthetic cathinone class of drugs. Synthetic cathinones are central nervous stimulants and are designed to mimic effects similar to those produced by cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA (ecstasy).
Salt lick is a place where deposits of salt along with other essential minerals are found in nature and a large variety of animals (like cattle, wild animals and even those living on mountains visit the place for fulfilling their salt need.
Welcome to our premier source for top-grade de-icing salt, the ultimate solution to combat winter's icy grip. Our carefully selected de-icing salt is a trusted choice for maintaining safe and accessible roads, walkways, and surfaces during frosty weather conditions.
Our salt plates are more than just cooking tools; they're your gateway to a world of culinary creativity. Handcrafted from premium Himalayan pink salt, these beautiful and versatile slabs elevate your cooking and presentation to a whole new level.
Welcome to your destination for high-quality pool water salt. Our carefully selected pool salt is the key to maintaining crystal-clear and comfortable swimming pool water.
Our rock salt is a testament to nature's purity and simplicity. Mined from ancient underground deposits, it's a mineral-rich treasure that has been cherished for centuries.
ppm industry is a premium Bath Salt Supplier from Pakistan. We offer superior-quality wholesale bath salt products including Himalayan soap, salt balls, deo sticks, and Himalayan salt chunks.